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     We are proud to serve all cities in ​Ames-Boone Metropolitan Area. Flood and other water damages shouldn't trouble you any more as we exist to help you in the restoration process. We have great experience and ability when it comes to handling flood remediation. Whether it's at your business site or home, our dedicated team​​ will do everything possible to make sure there is no loss incurred.

Ames Water Damage Restoration

Flooded Basement Cleanup & Restoration In​ Ames

​Flooded basements are very common in our daily lives. All of us who have homes with basements have at a time experienced this problem. This issue will always come up due to poor planning and finishing when it comes to basements. Due to poor drainage, water always finds its way to the basement and this can always result in damage. The best advice about water in the basement is that it should be properly removed and dried. Water that enters our basements and is not properly removed and dried can always cause damage to our property and even worse to the air we breathe due to molds. The best basement food cleanup is provided by lowa Food Doctors who have certified technicians in the field, with years of experience. The company has all the equipment and expertise to efficiently and effectively remove water from your basement. This willprevent further problems that might have been caused by water. You can always call this number whenever you need assistance or estimates, ​(844) 903-3840.

Sewage Cleanup In​ Ames

​Ever heard of sewer back up? This is a state where the sewage seems to have filled up its destination and decided to come back to its source in such a way that it is visible. This issue is mainly caused by clogged drainage systems, cracked sewer pipes, old collapsed sewer pipes, and natural causes like roots growing into sewage pipes or even issues with the whole sewer. Sewage carries water which can cause serious damage to the house. In addition to that sewage will carry with it viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites which can be a huge health hazard. Much as we cannot run away from this once in a while due to the inevitable causes, no one would wish to have such a problem stay for long. You can always relax and get assisted by simply calling ​(844) 903-3840.

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Repair In​ Ames

​Water systems are most affected during winter when the weather is cold and frozen. Mostly in areas where it​'s cold below freezing point and windy, water pipes which are exposed will tend to freeze. Since water is frozen inside the pipes you might not notice until when favourable conditions are back. That is when you will notice that water is not flowing from the tap but from a breakage. If this happens when you are not in the house you will be met by floods when back. This is very disturbing. Weak pipes will always need a restoration since they cannot stay in such a condition. Continued flooding might ultimately weaken your house. Whenever you have any problem like frozen pipes, bursts, and broken pipes, don​'t wait for a problem to mature. Give us a call (844) 903-3840 and get assisted.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services In​ Ames

​Mold brings a lot of problems with it. To start with, it is very ugly when you look at it, molds will cause structural damage and will, of course, pause a health hazard as the air around it can affect your breathing. Molds produce an allergic substance which will lead to chest and nasal congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing, headache, fatigue and skin problems. Call our experienced team to avert all these if you have molds in your workplace or your home. The team will deal with the source of the mold growth, dry the surface and remove molds. Before we leave the house it will be as good as you can remember it or you would wish. Get peace of mind by just calling us, with our response time of just half an hour we will step in to mitigate your disaster as fast as possible. The billing is even done directly to your insurance. By calling (844) 903-3840 us, we not only restore your premise but also your life.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

It’s difficult to predict the cost of water damage restoration without seeing the extent of the damage first hand. Common factors that impact restoration costs are the:

  • Source and category (clean, grey, or black) of the water
  • Size of the area affected
  • Types of materials involved
  • Difficulty of extracting the water
  • Amount of reconstruction necessary

Your insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost for water damage cleanup and restoration. Call (844) 903-3840 now for a free, no-obligation estimate on water damage restoration.

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​I came from work and discovered that my house was in a total mess. I had a flooded basement and I needed some emergency water damage restoration service company to restore order in my house. Then I made a call to this company  Iowa Flood Doctor and am proud to say that the company saved me out of my situation. They had the best equipment that dealt with the flooded basement  within a short period of time. Their staffs also showed their high level of experience in dealing with such problems. Thanks to company Iowa Flood Doctor!

​​​Celeste B. Velasco, ​​​Ames

​I have been troubled for a long time now with the presence of moist behind meet walls. With my knowledge, I could not actually understand what the root cause of this whole problem was. I then decided to seek assistance from the water damage restoration service company Iowa Flood Doctor. They said that the possible cause of that problem could have been as a result of leaks, inadequate drainage or condensation. So the team agreed to make changes to my drainage pattern and repair all the leakages in my home. They also came with dehumanizers that helped to remove the extra moisture in my room. Thank this experienced team.

​​Ervin A. Gelman, ​​​Ames