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       Do you have water damage? We're a restoration company worked in water damage and flood remediation in Cedar ​Rapids. We have long periods of involvement in the business and have helped a large number of home and entrepreneurs in reestablishing their property to a pre-misfortune condition. 
       We ensure our work and have handpicked our staff with the goal that we never lose the "individual consideration" that you merit in a time of need! We anticipate working with you and will dependably give proficient and cordial administration​.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup & Restoration In  Cedar Rapids

​Flooded basements and crawlspaces pose a greater challenge than normal room spaces. Besides making the basement unusable, the flood can demolish your own property, hence developing serious health as well as safety issues.
All basements are inclined to flooding and the flooding can be caused by many leakages. It could be a result of a busted pipe, a leaking waste pipe, a broken supplying hose for your clothes washer, or a spilling water tank or water heater. The most obvious cause of the basement to flood is the melting of snow, excessive rain, poor yard seepage or sewer backups are the main causes.
However, to alleviate problems of basement flooding you can see the services of a reputable company. The clean up is done faster and professionally keeping you away from danger. You only need to call the service providers the moments the problem arises.​

We can get your basement water damage cleanup done quickly and professionally. Call (844) 903-3840 us before your basement gets worse.

Sewage Cleanup In  Cedar Rapids

​The Iowa Flood Doctors are always ready to deal with your sewage cleanup. Actually, an issue with the sewer system can cause a lot of problems. This is because you are at risk of getting diseases from viruses, fungi, and other pathogens as well as a bad smell in your surroundings. In case the sewage leakage stays untreated, they can cause major basic harm which can be remarkably costly to repair.
Sewage leakage can contain a large number of microscopic organisms leading to a serious health concern. It's important that you don't attempt to tidy up a wreck from a broken pipe that is close to a sewage line. Interacting with crude sewage can cause a malady and cause serious harm to your property. Just trained experts with dealing with such situations will solve the problem safely. The Iowa Flood Doctors are there for you, they have highly trained professionals and a lot of experience.

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Repair In  Cedar Rapids

​In most cases, winter is the most destroying season for water harm. Water pipe blasts are regular in regions of outrageous winter cold and high breezes which drives the breeze chill well below frosty temperatures. Actually, you may not notice whether pipes have broken on the grounds and only the ice is shielding water to come out.
When the ice defrosts, you will be met with a flooded place if don't take caution. Water pipes that lack proper insulation are prone to bursting during the winter season and therefore needs to be restored. Overlooking the repairs can lead to basement flooding weakening your building. Burst pipes may cause flooding in your kitchen, washroom, living room and your general house. Therefore, for anyone requiring pipes repair or flood cleanup just call (844) 903-3840 us today.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services ​In Cedar Rapids

Accumulated mold in your home or business looks very unattractive, however, it can lead to health harm if it's not addressed in time. The allergens created by mold normally cause nasal or chest blockage, wheezing, dry eyes, skin irritation, fatigue, and headache. The company mold specialist treats mold dampness hence reducing any potential risk, meaning you only need one round.
Other than mold evacuation, repair and restoration, the trained mold removal contractual workers offer total mold remediation as well as rebuilding services, hence leaving your business or home precisely in the best way you remember.
Iowa Flood Doctors respond to your emergency any time you need day or night. Just give us a chance to enjoy the best experience. With only a 30-min reaction time, our caring and reliable experts will tidy up the mess faster! The company can bill your insurance specifically. Just call (844) 903-3840 now for a no-obligation estimate. We just don't simply reestablish your business or home but we restore your life too.

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​​​​​"January turned out to be turf and challenging month for me, having spent a lot of money during the holidays I had promised myself to check on my spending until my bank account recovers, however during January I was faced by an emergency of a clogged toilet and I had to look for water Restoration services which could offer great services at an affordable prices,and after doing my analysis I landed on ​Iowa Flood Doctor company which did not disappoint me."

​Cory N. Warren, ​Cedar Rapids

​"When the floods came and all the pipes that control my premises we broken I knew that was the end of my beautiful home. It was until a friend referred me to this excellent company that gave me home and restored normalcy to my home. The company walked with me and through the support of insurance company, the services offered were even subsidized and affordable. Any day you have disaster with water don​’t hesitate to call the ​Iowa Flood Doctor."

​​Ike D. Cullen, Cedar Rapids