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       Do you have water damage? Our team carries very specialized equipment and implements advanced scientific methods for efficient repair and restoration process so as to help our customers prevent water damage from happening again in the near future. We take care of every single process from water removal to sanitation to additional restoration as our motive is not only to remove standing water and repair place but also to beautify the rebuilding process so as to get customers back to their normal lives in the minimum span of time.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup & Restoration In ​Davenport​​-Bettendorf​-Moline​-Rock​ Island

​The fact that flooded basements are pretty common does not change the fact that they can be quite distressing to a homeowner. Even a small amount of water in your basement can cause quite some damage when not handled quickly and effectively. In addition to causing damage to your basement, water in your basement can also be a health hazard as it can cause the development of mold that can make the air around your home quite toxic.
Fortunately, Iowa Flood Doctors can give you the best basement flood cleanup services and any restoration services you might need after a flooded basement results in some structural or aesthetic damage. All our technicians are certified, and they have years of experience and unparalleled expertise in dealing with flooded basements. We not only remove the water and the mold, but we also restore the basement after the damage the flooding causes. We also make sure that such incidents are less likely to happen in the future. Reach us on (844) 903-3840 and get a FREE estimate.

Sewage Cleanup In ​Davenport​​-Bettendorf​-Moline​-Rock​ Island 

​If your sewage backs up, you can have one of the worst experiences as a homeowner. This backup happens when the sewage system is blocked and wastewater is prevented from flowing to the municipal sewers. For this reason, your drain pipes fill up and eventually, the sewerage material spills over. In addition to clogged pipes, sewage back ups can also happen when roots grow into sewer pipes, when the pipes crack and collapse, or when sump pumps are routed into sewers by municipal sewers.
Just like water damage, sewage can cause damage to your property structurally and aesthetically. Additionally, sewage tends to have many dangerous things like bacteria, viruses, and other kinds of parasites; and it can also cause mold. Therefore, this problem can be a huge health hazard.
Don't let sewage overflows give you sleepless nights. Get in touch with us through ​(844) 903-3840 and we will give you a free, friendly, and no obligation estimate.

​Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Repair In ​Davenport​​-Bettendorf​-Moline​-Rock​ Island

​The winter season can be a challenge to any homeowner as it can cause a lot of water damage. When temperatures dip below freezing point, the water in pipes freezes, which makes it expand in size and can cause the pipes to burst. The problem is that you might not be aware of any broken pipes since the frozen water will prevent any leaks. But once temperatures increase, thawing will take place and you might end up with a flood on your hands. The problem is especially likely in cases where the pipes lack proper insulation. However, when the damage is done to the pipes, it should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent more expensive damage from happening. When your house floods, you can end up with water all over your house. So, if you have a broken or burst pipe emergency, get in touch with us ​(844) 903-3840 as soon as possible and we will help you fix it.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services​ In ​Davenport​​-Bettendorf​-Moline​-Rock​ Island

​Mold can be quite an eyesore, and it can also be a serious threat to your health if left unattended. Among other health issues, mold can cause skin irritation, chest problems, sneezing, fatigue, and itchy eyes. Also, when the mold is removed and the moisture is not, you could end up with another mold problem to deal with soon afterward. However, with our services, you can avoid the mold and any possibilities of recurrence.
We can do anything from mold removal to restoration and associated repairs so that your home or business is left as it was before the damage happened.
We respond within 30 minutes, and we have friendly and experienced experts who can get the job done fast and reliably like the emergency it is. We can also even get in touch with your insurance directly for payment. Give us a call (844) 903-3840 today and we will give you a free and no-obligation estimate so that we can help you get your life back to normal.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

It’s difficult to predict the cost of water damage restoration without seeing the extent of the damage first hand. Common factors that impact restoration costs are the:

  • Source and category (clean, grey, or black) of the water
  • Size of the area affected
  • Types of materials involved
  • Difficulty of extracting the water
  • Amount of reconstruction necessary

Your insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost for water damage cleanup and restoration. Call (844) 903-3840 now for a free, no-obligation estimate on water damage restoration.

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"I enjoyed the great experience expressed by the company when delivering their services. I never knew I can get my home back to its normal place since everything was in a mess after the flood. Their arrival at the venue came as a game changer and all my smiles today I owe to the company for the great work they did to give me back my home. I counted zero loss in spite of the great damages as the company took it upon themselves to support my claim processing from the insurance."

​​​Kristie J. Thacker, ​Davenport

​​"When my house started leaking that evening I thought it was a minor issue that was soon coming to an end. Within no minute everything was floating in the house including my important documents and I was helpless. Thanks to the iconic company for your services when I thought I was back to the starting point. I was pleased with the quick response when they were called and I highly recommend their services."

​​Donald P. Hartmann, Moline