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Mold is a common problem in residential and commercial properties ​in Des Moines and throughout Iowa, especially older ones with poor ventilation. ​We offer professional mold remediation services, backed by years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals.

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​Mold Remediation Experts in Des Moines, Iowa

Mold growth occurs when excessive moisture accumulates in a room due to high amounts of water damage or indoor humidity. As the duration for which an indoor area is subjected to high humidity increases, so does the probability of mold growth and damage. Mold spores are a part of all natural environments and do not take root under common conditions. Damages due to mold growth can pose serious threats if not dealt with timely. It is crucial that the mold removal and the cleanup process is initiated as soon as practically possible to keep the damage from spreading further.

Mold ​​Remediation​ & Removal ​​Expert ​Service in Des Moines, IA

​The three important factors molds need to thrive are high levels of moisture, warm surroundings of around 60-80 degrees F, and organic matter to consume. Since we cannot alter the organic materials available, or temperature of the environment, we must focus on controlling moisture levels. Molds can start to grow within a period of one to two days is an area has sufficient moisture. This is one of the main reasons to avoid water damage completely or get it cleaned up almost immediately when it comes to our notice.

What is Mold Removal Process in Des Moines, IA ?

Molds can be extremely harmful to the structure of properties if not correctly handled within an appropriate time frame. Mold can cause materials like wood, drywall, and other building materials to weaken over time. If it is left unattended, structural issues may ravage the property. Moreover, exposure to mold can cause grave allergy concerns. In occasional cases, it might even pose dangerous health risks. The mold remediation and removal services in Des Moines we provide start off with a preliminary assessment and free-of-charge evaluation. We then proceed to repair and restore the source of the dampness and get rid of materials encapsulated within the mold. We then clean, freshen, and sanitize the affected regions to avoid the repetition of a similar situation. If the condition calls for it, we also repair source issues that are causing the water to leak and are increasing moisture levels. Lastly, we bring back the room to its original state.

Repair the Source of Moisture

One or the other water source is almost always the reason behind the growth of molds. If high humidity levels are consistent in an area, molds will endure even after multiple cleanings of the surface. The root cause is a dripping faucet or constant condensation in a bathroom. In all cases, the water source must be recognized and mended.

Mold Removal

Once we have fixed the water source issues, the mold and material attached to it can be removed. If the mold happens to be growing on a permeable surface such as wood or drywall, the affected piece will have to be removed and replaced. Depending on how severe mold growth is, the area may need to be isolated for a while to avoid cross-contamination.

Clean, Deodorize, and Sanitize

Next, we professionally clean and sanitize non-porous items, furniture, fabric, clothing, and personal items to remove mold spores and organic material that could cause a recurrence of mold. We may also use specialize air filtration equipment to limit mold spores in the air. If necessary, we will deodorize affected areas and materials.


The final step to mold remediation is rebuilding and restoring the area to the original condition. This may include hanging new drywall, laying new carpeting, installing new tile, and painting walls and ceilings. In some extreme cases, it may be necessary to replace countertops, bathroom vanities, or kitchen cabinets.

What are the health risks associated with mold?

Molds are known to trigger allergic reactions and even be the cause of severe illnesses in a number of individuals. People with a weak immune system or asthma have a greater susceptibility to illnesses and diseases caused by mold. If you are affected by mold exposure, the symptoms include sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulty, and skin rash or irritation. Mold can also affect the health of the pets you have.

Mold ​​Remediation​ & Removal ​​Expert ​Service in Des Moines, IA
Mold ​​Remediation​ & Removal ​​Expert ​Service in Des Moines, IA

What is Black Mold?

Black Mold is possibly a dangerous variety of mold growth. It has a raised surface and is commonly found in areas with heavy water damage. It is black or dark green in color, hence the name. Exposure to black mold may cause long-term coughing problems, bleeding lungs, and depression among other critical issues.

Why Choose a Professional Mold Removal Company in Des Moines?

​Mold​ is inevitably caused because of an underlying water seepage issue. Cleaning and scrubbing all affected areas with bleach is an efficient way of getting rid of stains. If the fundamental cause of the water damage is not fixed, the mold is most likely to return. A professional Mold Removal Company takes care of not just the symptoms but the root cause as well. We treat both mold and source damage so that the issue is permanently solved. If you need assistance with mold problems in your house, call ​(844) 903-3840 immediately for a free evaluation and estimate.


How Much Does Mold Remediation and Removal Cost?

It’s difficult to predict the cost of mold removal and restoration without seeing the extent of the damage first hand. Common factors that impact restoration costs are the:

  • Extent of damage caused by the water
  • Amount of cosmetic damage caused by mold
  • Size of the area affected
  • Types of materials involved
  • Difficulty of extracting the water, if there is water damage
  • Amount of reconstruction necessary

Your insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost of mold removal, remediation, and restoration. Call (844) 903-3840 now for a free, no-obligation estimate on mold restoration.

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Mold ​​Remediation​ & Removal ​​Expert ​Service in Des Moines, IA