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          Are you frequently confronted by water damage in your house or commercial property? Then hiring a professional water restoration service is what you need to completely remedy your property. We are a restoration company in Sioux City specialized in water and flood remediation. With a couple of years experience in the industry, we will help you restore everything you lost as we have done to thousands of homes and businesses.
    Our trained, credible and experienced staff which operates 24/7 will be always available in the time of need! All you need is just give us a call. We are self-driven in offering our services and always leave our clients happy and satisfied with our great services.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup & Restoration in Sioux City

​One of the most damaging and annoying things for a homeowner is a flooded basement. A flooded basement can be due to some things such as heavy rains, faulty sump pumps or lousy drainage. No matter the amount of water flooded in your basement, it can cause severe damage to your property such as weakening your foundation and intoxicating your air through molds formed on your walls. Iowa Flood Doctors are certified and highly trained professionals with years of experience in flooded basement cleanup and restoration. We offer you the best experts and equipment to get rid of the water and dry out your basement. By doing this, we eliminate any further damage to your property and growth of mold. Call us now on (844) 903-3840 for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Sewage Cleanup In Sioux City

​Sewer backups can be a nightmare experience to a homeowner since it overflows into your house. A sewer backup occurs when a sewer line is clogged, blocked by tree roots growing into the sewer pipes, collapsed sewer lines or issues with the municipal sewer system.  Sewer backup should be considered as a huge emergency because sewage waste contains a virus, protozoa, bacteria, and other harmful microbes which pose a significant risk to both you and your pets. Sewage water can also cause considerable damages to your property and should be dealt with immediately.
Sewer backup is gradable into three categories, i.e.,
Category 1: ​clean water which is sewer backup from clean water pipes.
Category 2: gray water: contaminated water which poses a risk of illness.
Category 3: black water which is highly contaminated and causes severe illness if ingested by humans or pets. Iowa Flood Doctors are equipped to handle any sewer back up. ​​Call ​(844) 903-3840 now for a free estimate and let​'s give you peace of mind!

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Repair In Sioux City

​During winter, the most distressing water equipment damages occur due to the extreme cold temperatures. When pipes burst during winter, it's hard to notice due to the frozen water which blocks the flow of liquid water. When the ice thaws, the damaged pipes start to leak water into your property which causes massive damages. All this can be prevented by proper insulation of pipes to avoid exposure to harsh winter temperatures. Avoiding such simple repairs can later cost far more when water floods into your house. At Iowa Flood Doctors, we offer repairs of broken pipes and repairs to insulate your pipes and prevent damages. Give us a call today on ​(844) 903-3840 and receive free estimates for our expert services.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services In Sioux City​

​Mold in your home or business premises portray the wrong image for both you and your company. Not only does it cause property damage but also produce toxins which pose a health risk. The toxins produced are allergens and can cause allergic reactions such as itching of the skin, sneezing, nasal and chest congestion, itchy eyes, and fatigue. Our expert in mold removal, repair, and restoration offers you the best services mold remediation and restoration services making your home or office building as good as new. Let us offer our services to you and give you peace of mind in case of water flooding, pipe repair, and mold removal emergencies. With our 30 minutes response time, our expert professionals will offer you the best services. The best news is we take payment through your insurance. Call us now for a free estimate on ​(844) 903-3840​. We don't just restore your home or business; we bring back your life!

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"​We always had our little traditions in a family , like an wedding anniversary where I make my spouse to wear silly outfits( we got married on Halloween) . Well on our last anniversary after we got home we decided to use the shower. Because we were literally smeared in fake blood. Well we called different companies and told them it was an emergency , the one only which promised to come as soon as possible was ​Iowa Flood Doctor​ Company. Friendly receptionist told us , that we should wait only for a bit. Well repairmen came , he looked at us and with calm voice asked "You sure had a fun party" . I only then remembered that I and my husband covered with blood. We smiled like couple of weirdos , while my husband was still holding this fake machete. He did a great job on our rusty old pipe, and we were happy to have him . Thank you for the great work ​Iowa Flood Doctor​​ . Please give our regards to Sam , who done this wonderful job repairing this damage!  "

​​​Ryan C. Chandler, ​Sioux City

"​I live in apartment , which happens to be under the most loudest and obnoxious people ever. They always argue and keep banging walls. Well one of those days I got flooded by them. All my precious wallpaper started to peel off, and my walls started gathering moisture. The damage was done. I called ​Iowa Flood Doctor​ Company because my friends told them , they do a great job, I wasn't expecting much , but they did a great job . Fast and professional. I was glad to see my room returning to the old self. They even showed me couple of things how to get rid of the moisture on the walls. Thank ​Iowa Flood Doctor​ who helped me in this emergency!"

​Robert C. Knight, ​Sioux City