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​Step #​1: Emergency Contact

​This is the simplest, but also the most underestimated step in the process. The timing of your call to us will decide, how much water damage has already happened. A delay in calling can not only lead to an increased requirement of repairs, but also cause irreparable damages to some of your property. 

​Call our national customer care center, which is open 24/7 to help you can send the nearest professional to your location with minimum time lag. We understand the importance of time when you're facing the problem of water damage and hence we've our franchises all across the country. 

​We're There to Support You

An event such as water damage can be confusing and stressful and can make you gullible. There are numerous so-called water damage restoration experts in the market, who're ready to take advantage of your situation. So, you must be calm and composed to make the correct decision. That's why, our first endeavor is to placate you by taking complete details of the situation and offering you certain critical words of advice. 

​What We Offer?

Based on the information gathered from you during your call to our call center, we make an initial analysis of the crisis and its extent. We then detail a team of water damage experts equipped with all necessary tools and material to visit your location. The team is immediately dispatched from our Franchise that's closest to you.

​Important Information to Keep Ready

​A company that doesn't seek any information from you before sending a representative or a team to your location is either supernaturally aware of your exact position or is a fraud. Our call center executive will ask you several questions. You should keep the following information handy while calling us :- Your personal information including your name, address and contact details. Your insurance details, if you have. Timing and causes (if known) of the water damage. Availability of electricity at site.