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​​​Step #2: Onsite Assessment

​A detailed assessment of the likely causes and the degree of damage that has occurred is made after a thorough inspection of your property. This is essential as the further restoration and repair plan will depend on this.

​Water Source is Identified and Stopped

Our team of professionals will identify the water source at the site and stop it immediately. This is important as the drying and restoration can commence only after this. So, they'll do the following :

  • Stop the water
  • Identify the contamination

​Water Type

The categorization of water is done at your home or office. This is essential as the type of contamination in water will dictate the restoration process to be adopted.

  • Category 1 - White
  • Category 2 - Gray
  • Category 3 - Black

​Inspection of Property to Assess Water Damage Scope

A thorough inspection of your property is done to assess the degree of water damage. Our experts will brief you about safety concerns, if any. You must also bring out any points that you may be aware of.

  • Damage Assessment
  • Safety Audit

​Arresting the Damage

Some furniture or other property items may be needed to be saved from the damage. Our team will do the same at the earliest.

  • Segregate Furniture