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​​​​Step #3​: Pumping Out of Water

​After the damage is assessed and a plan of action is finalized, the first and foremost thing is to remove as much water from your property as is possible. Our team is adequately armed with all the tools and accessories to accomplish the task. By using high power pumps and heavy duty vacuums, our professionals will pump out gallons of water in a few minutes. This not only reduces the drying time, but also avoids any further damage and mold.


If there's a requirement of large-scale repairs and restoration process, our professionals will organize a quick and hassle-free packing, loading and relocation of your belongings to avoid heavy losses.

  • Relocation Services

​Fast Track Water Pumping

Our water damage restoration team will undertake the water removal without wasting any time. All our teams are equipped with the best submersible pumps, industrial grade vacuums etc to accomplish the task with a brisk speed. This prevents secondary water damage and mold.

  • Pump Out Water
  • Industrial Grade Vacuum Sets

​Inspection of Carpet

Our water damage specialists will inspect your carpets and remove them if required in order to avoid damage to sub-floor.

  • Inspect Carpet and Carpet Pads and Remove, if Required
  • Estimation of Absorbed Water - Using Hygrometers, Moisture Detectors etc
  • Latest Technology like Infrared Cameras is Used to Locate "Hidden" Moisture
  • Submersible Pumps Powered by Gas are Used
  • Portable and truck Mounted Vacuums are Used