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​Step #4: Drying

​After the excess water has been removed from your property, it's time to dry up your floor, walls, furniture and other items. Water that's absorbed in these items can continue to cause further deterioration, if it's not removed.

​Drying Process

Our specialists use industrial grade air dryers and dehumidifiers to dry up your property by removing the retained moisture. The locked in water is continually monitored using moisture detection meters during the entire process.

  • Heavy-duty Dehumidifiers
  • Monitor Progress

​Floors, Walls and Furniture

Moisture levels in different items and materials are monitored using special equipment.

  • Monitor Moisture in Wooden or Other Types of Flooring
  • Monitoring of Walls

​The Best of Equipment

Our team will come to your site adequately equipped with all tools and accessories required for the restoration task.

  • Industrial Grade Dehumidifiers
  • High Power Air Movers. These equipment cause the air to move rapidly, thereby accelerating the drying process