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​Step #5: Sanitizing the Property

​Our team will carry out professional cleaning of the walls, floors, upholstery, furniture and other items of your property. There may also be a requirement of odor removal and air freshening treatment as the moisture in the premises may have created unpleasant smells.

​Item Restoration

Our team will always recommend to you the most economical and efficient restoration process. We weigh the costs of restoration versus replacement of each item depending upon the absorbed water and damage already caused.

  • Dry/Wet Clean
  • Wipe Dry
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Cleaning Using Abrasives
  • Immersion Cleaning


Our water damage experts will identify any stale odors that may be left behind after the water is removed. They will use industrial grade air fresheners and other equipment for removing such odors.

  • Odor Removal
  • Fogging and Air Scrubbing Equipment


This is important to restore healthy living conditions. Our team may use antibacterial, antimicrobial or other disinfectant treatments for the task.

  • Antibacterial or Antimicrobial Treatments
  • Disinfectant Treatments

​Disposal of Damaged Material

Our team proposes appropriate disposal of the material that's beyond repair/restoration. Based on your approval, the disposal is undertaken by the team

  • Disposal of Damaged Material