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​​Professional Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services ​in Iowa

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Serious water damage may strike when you least expect. After all, who expects such horrible disasters? The effects of water damage can range from growth of molds to health hazards. It causes warping in wooden furniture, ruins your carpet, and items made of leather. You should, therefore, treat it as an emergency in need of urgent remediation. Contacting a water damage repair company will help you minimize the extent of damage to your home.

​Iowa Flood Doctor​  is your choice for professional quality water damage repair services. Our water damage remediation specialists are well trained and IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Certification) certified. Our qualification and experience assure you of superior water damage repair services in your residential or commercial property. Our team will carry out an expert survey of your property and give you informed advice on what is needed. They will help you bring your home to its original state before the water damage.

We are well versed with the existing local, state, as well as federal regulations governing water damage restoration. Our team will also abide by the IICRC rules to provide water damage repair service that meets the expected industry standards. Hire ​Iowa Flood Doctor​ and get guaranteed peace of mind.

Water Damage Cleanup ​in Iowa
Water Damage Cleanup ​in Iowa

How to Mitigate Water Damage in Iow​a

​Water damage is normally caused by a burst or clogged sewer line, burst water pipe, or a storm. This leads to water flooding which needs your immediate action. It's advisable that you contact us immediately for emergency water damage restoration to avoid extensive damage. However, you can try the following mitigation measures as you await our arrival:

-Exercise extreme caution as you walk on flood water especially, where there are ditches and electricity cables.
-If the water damage consists of sewage then keep your distance to prevent health hazards. Our team of experts has the right protective equipment to handle the problem.
-Remove as many dry items as possible from your property and keep them in a dry place. Start with colored cushions, rugs, and upholstery.
-If possible, try to remove water using a mop.
-Ensure the windows are open and switch on the fans or your air conditioning system to freshen the indoor air.
-Wipe your furniture dry and waterproof them using aluminium foil to protect against water from the soaked carpet.

Water Damage Cleanup ​in Iowa

How ​Iowa Flood Doctor​s Will Help

At ​Iowa Flood Doctors, we know all the potential challenges that can result from water damage. That's why we'll arrive at your property with all the appropriate equipment for an efficient water damage repair service. We've the expertise to help you completely remove all the water and fix all your water damage repair needs.

We deploy large pumps for complete water removal. After that, we use fans and wet vacuum to dry your home interior. Our team will do everything possible to recover whatever items they can. They will thoroughly cleanup your property and carry out dehumidification. This is done to prevent the growth of molds. Trust our trained specialists to effectively restore your property to its original condition.

Water Damage Cleanup ​in Iowa

​Water Damage Remediation Process in Iowa:

1. Inspection

​The first step to finding a suitable solution is to identify the source of the water. Using moisture detection technology, we'll analyze the damaged areas. We will share our observation report with you and discuss the most suitable remedy.

2. Prevent More Damage

​To avoid further damage to your property, our team will remove the water, cleanup, and completely dry your home. This way, your home, and belongings will be safe.

3. Stop Water Intrusion

Finding the water intrusion point is our responsibility. We will fix the source of the water damage immediately to bring the situation under control.

4. Prevent Cross-contamination

Our qualified technicians will act swiftly to prevent the spread of contaminants, like bacteria and fungi, in your property. We have a thermo-hygrometer among other special equipment that will assure you of guaranteed quality services.

5. Dehumidification and Ventilation

To guard against growth of molds after water damage, we dehumidify and improve the indoor air quality. This can also help prevent secondary water damage.

6. Final Assessment

It's necessary to carry out a final assessment to make sure every challenge has been effectively addressed. Our team will do this final inspection after cleaning, drying, aeration is satisfactory.

​7. Fix Necessary Repairs and Restoration of Your Property

​If there are any damages to your property, we'll provide all the required repairs and restoration services. This is meant to give your property the original look it had before the water damage. Our aim is to make sure the quality of your indoor air is excellent and no molds grow upon restoration. Moreover, our certified technicians will carefully handle all your personal belongings to avoid damage.

Call ​Iowa Flood Doctor​ anytime you have emergency water damage problems. No matter the size or cause of the water damage, we'll handle all your water damage repair and restoration needs.